Eth3rn1a Log 13: Kicking Up Adventures by LeTiff (Head Artist)

We’ve all been quiet lately, but I’d like to breach this string of silence to say that Project Eth3rn1a hasn’t exactly been on break. A couple of minor technicalities hindered our full swing into production of Episode 2, such as overheated fan in the middle of a jungle swamp city or something as simple as an incompliant scanner. My art contribution itself is on a slow pace, with focus towards other parts of the game development. Though here’s a look at my scrambled desktop with its lightbox and all its attempted hand-drawings:

Geo Character Portrait Sketches

On the other hand, we have constant game-testers adventuring through a majority of the game puzzles, enjoying a bit of the twist of flavor given by our game designer, Tarock. At other times, there are a few winces, but THAT’S a whole other story.

We’ve also been actively attending events – the first of which I attended by myself in April called Init(together), a Southern California Women in Computing Conference, hosted by UCI. While my specialty is not in computer science, the conference also focused for those interested in video games and building startups, but their overall emphasis is promoting and encouraging women into fields of technology and computer science, and to give them resources and access to mentors to guide them. Overall, the experience was amazing for a first conference at a university, and it was my first interactions into a physical community, which supports women in these fields. I look forward to seeing how they progress in the future.

In lue after that, one of the mentors I met from Init recommended that I attend another event called Vator Splash, where ten finalist startup groups compete for the final prize by proposing their pitch and answering questions from panelist judges. However, I’m a blunder in describing my thoughts, but the event was a great learning experience overall.
It’s been pretty exciting, and I’m hoping to attend more events, hopefully more geared towards what Init(together) had. It is refreshing to see more females breaching into the technological field as well as expanding more into video game making. Now, back to work and maybe some sleep for me!