Episode 2 Devblog 1

I believe the original deadline for Episode 2 was around 2 years ago when it was still called “Hello World”. We’ve progressed some since then.

The past few months have been wrought with difficulties, most notably the hospitalization of the designer’s computer for a solid two weeks. So how’s the actual game coming along? Well, there are no more puzzles to make and most of them are as good as they’re gonna get. The art is still in progress, so now we’re mostly writing around the limited sprites and battlers we have access to. The music that we have so far is delightful and I would totally pay a few bucks on Bandcamp for it. Then there’s the writing and the battles.

When we first began this project years ago, the majority of the dialogue consisted of the most offensive content our designer (me) though he (still me) could get away with. I’m not entirely comfortable saying just how bad it was, but there were a few cases where interventions were staged and votes were submitted to rein in some of my less impressive ideas. Over the past two years, however, things have happened. Most notably, I have discovered the beauty that is Dinosaur Comics. Mr. North taught me that being funny doesn’t involve writing FUCK SHIT PISS every four lines, and for that, I (and everyone else on the team) am grateful.

I still find it funny that from the very beginning, I knew that battles would break our game. I find it funnier that I figured “around 40 or so” was a good low estimate of how many clever puzzle battles we could manage. Now, it’s down to about 15, and even that’s liable to drop a few. It’s amazing how much easier it is to make actual progress now that we have a PLAN and use Trello, whereas before I would spend days upon days dicking around with scripts and gimmicks that did absolutely nothing to help the rest of the game.

The game is “done” in the sense that you can play from the beginning to the end without too many problems. Will it be ready by June 30 (our second deadline)? Probably not. I don’t think it’ll take us another two years, though.