Eth3rn1a Log 7: Our First of Many Games Debrief by Aus7r4lia (NPGD)

Ledge Stuck Glitch

December 06, 2012:

Eth3rn1a Log: Level 1 Debrief

This year began on a high. Not literally. My New Years Eve party was wild, but not that wild. Anyway, I’m sure no one cares about the part, so let’s talk about the game.

You guys. I helped make a computer game. Ermagherd. Yes, okay, it’s short and there’s lots to fix based on player feedback but just shush for a moment because I really helped make a game and release it! It’s now almost a week on from our release. The four days leading up to it were spent not sleeping very much (still more than Leo, our producer, though), programming, fixing glitches, and making a conscientious effort not to yell at anyone. Telling someone just where they could stick their ‘come up with a creative solution’-ing does not technically count as yelling.

Anyway, I’ve been informed that even having a whinge is better in an Australian accent, so I can only conclude that I was very bearable and wonderful for the four days that I was in constant contact with my sisters and brothers in arms! Seriously, we spent almost twenty-four hours on Google+ Hangout with our individual tasks until someone had to go to work, or I had to take a completely necessary go-to-the-beach break for several hours. We vanished into our respective rooms, occasionally yelling ‘Dinner? I can’t, I have to do…video game stuff!’ to concerned friends and relatives.

Our game is messy and beautiful. It is unfinished and difficult and sometimes confusing. It is the product of hours of our frustrations and triumphs. We will be releasing an updated version, based on your feedback, on the 14th of February. We are beginning the development of Level 2.

Sometimes it takes a lone nerd to produce a computer game. Sometimes it takes a team of skilled professionals working for a big company. For us, it takes a village. And you.

So thank you.

- Aus7r4lia

You can find our first version of this release by clicking here. New, completely revamped version will be out mid-February. Thanks for the support, everyone.