The Splitting: E1L1 Devblog 5

Break it down:
Version 0.30 brought in a lot of new changes that were summarily discarded in later iterations. The only events remaining from this version are the badass Menis animations and the left and right Menis movements. It was at this point we discovered that Stencyl will sometimes refuse to update an actor if they’ve been checked as customizable, requiring each placed actor to be reset every time the group is edited.

Version 0.31 added WASD controls to accommodate right-handed players since the mouse will be required. Lefties will have to suck it up. We also changed the boulder to mouse behavior since simply dragging the boulders around caused all sorts of messes.

Devblog 5.1

0.32 brought in a mute button, which was achieved by creating the actor after the scene had started and then fixing it based on the screen width and height.

0.33 added music. It was functional, but we later found out it was entirely too large to allow our game to be uploaded to Newgrounds.

0.34 water puzzle was finally solved by creating 6 different water layers and having them fade in and out appropriately. It’s all theater.

Devblog 5.2

0.35 we discovered that there was a god damn easy to use ladder behavior in the Stencyl Forge. This allowed us to use our climbing animation, but removed the respawn method we had been using based on the last tree touched.

0.36 the player now slowly fades out as the Menis kittens drain them. This caused some headaches as the “Player Fade” value would plummet down to -300 within seconds of touching a cat. This was fixed with the discovery of the “Increment/Decrement Attribute” math block and by causing the Menis to fade the player by 2% every .3 seconds (an arbitrary decision).

0.37-0.41 in no particular order, we moved mountains, raised lakes, made a fancy blue leaf follow the player’s mouse as a clue to the cursor’s significance, and our NPGD sliced their hand open.

Sound effects are next. They are incredibly difficult.

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