Eth3rn1a Log 6 December 23, 2012: Tarock (Regulator)

Games are great.
Games are terrible.
Shining Force II: treasure every friend.
and send others to their deaths to protect yourself.
Half Life: play without cheats
and save spam.
Devil May Cry: challenge yourself
and barely get by.
Lunar 2: the power of charm
and the horrors of grinding.
Rocket Knight Adventures: games are insane
and nostalgia is a product.
Xenogears: games are ambitious
and the desperate are forgiving.
Mario Kart 64: friends are dear
and get in the way.
Master of Orion II: variety is key
and genocide is easiest.
God Hand: games are great
and game experts are terrible.
Portal: games are great
and gamers aren’t funny.
Starcraft: games are great
and gamers aren’t.

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