The Splitting: E1L1 Devblog 4

This week in development brought its predictable measure of pleasure and pain. Our first task was creating and adding animated water blocks, in V1.1.8, which was fairly simple. Then we used regions to make the player die in water. Both these features worked successfully. However, the two things we have yet to implement – water physics and region changing with flowing water – will probably be the among the most difficult to program.

Picture 3

Our second task was also a success. We have implemented moving a boulder (or other object) guided by the mouse, for V1.1.9, which will be an integral part of the puzzle for Level 1. Strangely, this worked on the first try in my version of Stencyl, but Tarock, who is using the latest update, is still having problems with the boulder vanishing on a mouse click which we are working on fixing.

Picture 2

Our third task was deceptively simple: making the enemy face the right way (i.e. shift from facing left to facing right and vice versa) when following the player. This should have rounded out V1.2.0, but unfortunately we got to the point where it refused to work and everyone’s heads hurt and gave up. Hopefully next week we can report success on this front.


Peace out,
- Aus7r4lia

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