The Splitting: E1L1 Devblog

Our journey into this creative mess begins with the outline. The Episode 1 outline is simply the barebones of the level 1 map featuring nothing but a placeholder PC and tiles. You can walk, jump, slide down walls, and that’s about it for now. From this outline, we’ll be able to flesh out the rest of the level with enemies, events, backgrounds, behaviors, music, sound and all other good things that make a game.

The outline took quite a short time to actually create. Limiting ourselves to the bare essentials and taking things one at a time will prevent us from wasting days and days trying to create a bloated, unplayable mess. Thanks to Stencyl’s easy to use interface, getting a handle on simple mechanics like movement, physics, and object interaction isn’t a problem. There’s no learning barrier preventing us from simply making a character walk to the left and we can concentrate on the product instead of tutorials.

It’s a small first step, but I have faith in our team.